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Get to Know Barbera Wine

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

You may have heard of Barbera wine before, but have you ever learned about its history or why people enjoy drinking it? With deep roots in regions in Northwestern Italy, most notably Piedmont, and more recently grown in the Sierra Foothills, Barbera is known as "the people's wine" since it was widely accessible in Italy and easy to drink.


Did you know that Barbera is thought to be 1000 years older than Cabernet Sauvignon? It dates back to the 7th century, and was widely popular across Italy because it was easy to drink, widely available, and meant to be enjoyed young.

Barbera first came to California in the 1960s to the University of California, Davis. It grows well in the Sierra Foothills and Northern California climate due to similarities to the Mediterranean climate including it's HOT summers. Barbera is experiencing a renewed renaissance and increasing popularity due to its juicy and drinkable nature.

New World Barbera Tasting Notes

New World California Barbera is full-bodied and fruit forward. While it depends on the year the grapes were planted and your unique taste buds, Barbera wines include notes of fruits such as cherry, raspberry, or plum. Barbera also has herbaceous flavors that you can taste in your mid-palate, such as truffle, anise, black pepper, or currant. These spices tend to pair very well with any type of barbequed meats or vegetables.

Our History with Barbera

Rancho Roble Vineyards has been growing Barbera since 2003, with three acres of these unique and historical grapes with roots in Northwestern Italy. Being a family owned vineyard, our owners Pete and Kari can often be found walking the vines and working in the heat to ensure the best possible yield of Barbera grapes each season.

Vertical Tastings

We take great pride in our estate grown Barbera. When you come to taste our wines, you have the option of selecting a vertical tasting, which means you will taste different years of our Barbera, each with a unique flavor profile. We have a Barbera and Syrah blend called the Romance, a fuller-bodied wine, which is available to our wine club members.

The People's Wine

Staying true to its original name, "the people's wine," we strive to make Barbera accessible and enjoyable for all. Our owners are often providing tastings to our guests, enjoying a story or laugh with many of our visitors and wine club members who have become life-long friends. Our relaxed, casual atmosphere paired with views of oak trees, our pond and fountain, and expansive property offer an escape from reality, if even for a moment. We allow picnics, puppies, and we pass no judgments. Rest and Relax at Rancho and stop by to enjoy a sip of Barbera (or two). We hope you can visit us soon.

Have you tried our Barbera? What is your favorite year and why? Comment Below!

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