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60 things to do before 60...

Turning 59 seems unbelievable as cheesy as it sounds, time has flown. One of our sayings is- the days are long but the years are short. And, oh my goodness, is this true. In one week I will turn 59- in one year- 60 years old, 6 decades, 21,360 days, 410.77 weeks. It’s a lot of time and it’s a lot of time that I

sincerely may say that I might have not thought how to spend each day with purpose or intent.

Going forward, I’m surely not going to change every day, YET I do want to do 60 things with purpose and many with fun! For someone with great starting power, yet who may not have strong finishing power, I may make it to 40 things this year. If I do, I will truly celebrate as one of my items on my LIST is to give myself grace and celebrate what I am able to do versus kick myself for what I didn’t do.

One of the first challenges in starting this blog is quite frankly technology—the computer, the internet and my Iphone. As soon as I sit down to the computer, I think about work and all the work that I usually do with this computer. Writing this blog is intended to be creative and explorative.

My computer is my office, it is our payroll, it is our marketing machine and it is customer service staff. When I start on my computer, I usually start with a drive and my brain goes into a “JUST DO IT” mode. It also gets

easily distracted by texts, phone calls and quick internet searches.

Writing this morning, I intentionally chose a different location, turned on some quiet jazz music and told myself that I would write for 20 minutes without stopping, without getting up (which is nearly impossible for me) or breaking my intention. I’m doing it and have made it to 18 minutes which in itself is an accomplishment.

It’s funny, for when I taught students’ we started the morning writing. I knew that writing is one of the most difficult tasks for students and teachers and I also knew that if you do something first in the morning you would complete it and start a habit. This is my intention- to change my mornings for 60 days and write this blog.

Along with writing a blog, I’m going to start my list of 60 things to do before 60. I would love to hear from you on things you think I should try. And, if you have your own list of things to do please share it. How fun would it be to have an active list for living.

Here’s to 59 more things to do in the next year. Cheers.

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