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Rosé 101 at Rancho Roble Vineyards

Written by Christa Crews, Director of Wine Education & Hospitality

Rosé, all day! Yes way, rosé! We've all heard those catchy phrases that have recently grown in popularity, usually coinciding with the arrival of summer. At Rancho Roble Vineyards, we believe this unique wine is so much more than one season.

In recent years, its reputation has improved such that any association with the sugary pink drink known as White Zinfandel is long-gone. After all, the production methods and profiles of a rosé could not be more different.

First off, rosé is produced from black grapes; it is not a blend or red and white wine (compared with rosé champagne which can be). It can be produced from any black grape! Common varieties used include Pinot Noir and Grenache. At Rancho Roble, we believe in producing local and produce our rosé our 100% estate-grown Barbera from the Sierra Foothills.

The pink color of rosé wine comes from color compounds, or anthocyanins, found in the skin of the grape. The production method that a winemaker chooses influences the extraction of these compounds as well as flavor and aroma profile, and will ultimately determine the final color and style of their rosé. Styles vary from dry (no residual sugar) to sweet and light to creamier and fuller-bodied, with still and sparkling options available.

At Rancho, we utilize the direct pressing method of production, where there is no contact between the skin, seeds, and the juice, creating the delicate pink color and flavor profile you know and love. This is the Provence-style production method. We then ferment in neutral stainless steel tanks in order to preserve the delicate aromas of our Barbera fruit.

Because we want the fruit to shine, when you open a bottle of our beautiful rosé, you will be treated to an array of sensations - from a bright acidity on the palate to delicate floral aromas, fresh red fruit and citrus with a little peachiness and refreshing minerality, This dry rosé is perfect to open on a hot day or paired with grilled salmon, a light salad, or grilled chicken.

Our rosé is famous around here for a reason, and it sells out every year! Grab a case while you can! Our 2020 rosé retails for $27 and as always ,wine club members receive a 20% discount on all bottle purchases. Stop by our tasting room from Saturday-Sunday 11am-5pm or purchase online.

Christa Crews, Director of Wine Education &Hospitality

As our wine expert at Rancho Roble, Christa is WSET level 2&3 certified, a WSET diploma level 4 candidate, UC Davis winemaking program student, Juris Doctor, mom of 4, wine collector and enthusiast. Her passions include teaching about wine, building relationships and making new connections while doing so. Her hobbies include psychological thrillers, running, and shocker: wine tasting.

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